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  • Virtual Tour of Akihabara by InsideJapan
July 15, 2021
akihabara virtual tour

Virtual Tour of Akihabara by InsideJapan

17:30–18:45・Jul 21, 2021–Jul 21, 2021・Online

Join InsideJapan on a virtual tour to explore some of Akihabara’s famous stores, including Super Potato and Astop. Although designed for Hyper Japan, the UK’s largest Japanese culture exhibition, anyone is welcome to tag along. Whether you’re just curious or obsessed with Japan’s iconic hub for “geek culture,” the tour leader and self-proclaimed resident otaku — Brett Plotz, Chantel Furbert and Rob Moran — will walk you through the streets of Akiba. Expect a few quirky commentaries in between stops at gaming centers, maid cafés and anime shops.

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    Jul 21, 2021–Jul 21, 2021
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