Uzu by Sante Visioni and Mitsurin Tokyo

Art, Museum, Pop Culture

Uzu can be defined as a “swirl” in Japanese. In this collaborative exhibition by Italian artist Sante Visioni and flower artist Mitsurin Tokyo, the swirl becomes a circle, representing the circle of life as humans and nature run along a repetitive cycle of death and rebirth. The unconventional duo were able to express parallelism between the evolution of life for mankind and plants and highlight the beauty and transience of human life.

The artists combine visual art and physical installations in a unique combination that puts the spectator at the center. This exhibition invites viewers to reflect, accept and share what they learned with future generations.

Sante Visioni will showcase six paintings, which represent the result of his research on what men can learn from plants. Mitsurin Tokyo will present a complex installation revolving around the evolution through different periods of one’s lifetime.


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  • Date:

    Jan. 27, 2020 - Feb. 02, 2020

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    10:00 - 19:00

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