Uranai Fes: Fortune-telling Festival

Find out what the future holds and get your fix of fortunes at the new year Uranai Festival. Uranai (fortune-telling) is a serious business in Japan, from the humble mikuji lots sold at shrines, to street side palmists, superstitious corporate rituals and a lucrative industry of DIY divination books and magazines, those seeking guidance and good fortune have a bounty of options. This festival gathers together the best of the fortune-telling world in one place. Experience a good luck makeup session, try your hand at VR tarot, join the fortune-notebook workshop or consult an expert for a personal reading. Whether you want someone to read your palm, face, birthday, name, aura and even blood type, and gain some insight about your love life, work or finances, at the Uranai Festival the outlook is good.

Please note that event and activities are conducted in Japanese without English-language support.


Jan 11 2020 - Jan 12 2020


11:00 - 19:00


Personal fortune-telling ticket ¥500 | Orange ticket (workshop only) ¥3,000 | Green ticket (workshop and 5x personal fortune-telling tickets) ¥5,000 | Gold ticket (workshop and unlimited personal fortune-telling tickets) ¥10,000

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Meguro EASE
3-1-2 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo

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