May 21, 2021
true colors festival

True Colors Festival

13:00–15:15・May 30, 2021–May 30, 2021・Online

When it comes to representation, the fashion industry is well behind the inclusion curve. Clothing for people with disabilities is still very much lacking — and the True Colors Festival is certainly what the metropolis needs to shift the current. The online fashion show, sponsored by The Nippon Foundation, gathers those with physical and intellectual disabilities of all ages to show what it truly means to celebrate diversity: beyond surface-level, clothing must embrace style and function. From unisex label Hatra‘s timeless trench coats (that you can put on without the use of arms), easy-to-wear Tommy Hilfiger casuals fitted with button magnets, to seamless apparels by kotohayokozawa (for those with sensory sensitivity), these up-and-coming designers and leading fashion are taking solid strides in the adaptive fashion runway.

Watch the live stream via Youtube (audio guide for the visually impaired available). Backstage interview with director and media artist Yoichi Ochiai, the fashion creators and the models will take place as well.

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    May 30, 2021–May 30, 2021
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