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Tokyo City View Lounge 2020 Summer

Food, Health & Relaxation

Tokyo City View, an observation deck and relaxation space 250 meters above the ground, is known for its spectacular views of the cityscape and even the panoramic sound of birds. This is the optimal spot to see the sunset and even planes from Haneda Airport up close. This summer, Tokyo City View seeks to simulate a summer resort soaring above the city and, hopefully, away from some pandemic-induced stresses. For Sora no Picnic (Sky Picnic), the Sky Deck will be transformed into a picnic garden catered by the Restaurant THE MOON, in rain or shine. There will also be an exclusive online recording of a J-Wave program and a bajiquan performance by Master Ayoto Makita.

Purchase an advanced ticket here. Read about the Sky Deck’s sanitary precautions against COVID-19 here.

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