Tobi Art Fair 2019

Featuring 102 booths of Japan’s leading art dealers, Tobi Art Fair 2019 showcases a wide range of art suitable to different kinds of tastes and lifestyles, from Buddhist statues and other historical sculptures to ukiyo-e prints, folding screen paintings, lacquerware and contemporary art. Tobi Art Fair 2019 welcomes two new exhibitors among the 102 participating galleries: Nihon Token, which deals in Japanese swords, and Genkairo, which deals in antique books, calligraphy and calligraphy items.

In Japan, crafts are said to demonstrate “beauty in utility.” A decorated square plate with an ivy motif by Ogata Kenzan, the younger brother of Ogawa Korin, gets its shape from a stamping technique that uses a furnace and features an autumnal ivy image, the combination of quality of design with quality of decoration that is regarded as characteristic of the Rinpa School and pays respect to Japanese traditions. Exhibits of the work of the legendary ceramist Miyagawa Kozan attracted much attention at last year’s event, while the efforts of his successor, Makuzu Kozan, will be on display at this fair, offering visitors the chance to see his stunning sweets bowl and water-lily-shaped jade dish with a greenware (celadon) glaze.

Visitors can view such examples of works of art across different eras, genres and styles, getting closer than usually possible at an art museum, and even purchasing exhibits that take their fancy. In order to enhance the enjoyment of visitors, the 102 dealer booths across three floors are arranged in ways that maximize the appeals of the artworks that dealers hope people will continue viewing in the future.

Image: Tokyo, Akihiko Iwanami 4-31 Nishimura Gallery


Oct 04 2019 - Oct 06 2019


General admission: ¥1,000 | High school and university students: ¥500

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6-19-15 Shimbashi Minato-ku

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