A Titan of Showa Era Photography

The Photo History Museum at FujiFilm Square presents an exhibition of the works of photographer Tadahiko Hayashi to mark the centenary of his birth in 1918. The prolific photographer captured everything around him through the changing decades of the Showa Era. From post-war Japan to economic resurgence and the bubble era, his photographs capture the essence of Japanese culture. The exhibition A Titan of Showa Era Photography: The Work of Tadahiko Hayashi as a Narrative on His Times is supervised by one of Hayashi’s sons, Yoshikatsu, and focuses on two periods of work, with the exhibition presented in two parts. Part 1 (Apr 1 – May 31) displays monochrome pictures of society in post-war Tokyo, whilst Part 2 (Jun 1 – Jul 31) showcases Hayashi’s Chashitsu tea ceremony series in addition to his Tokaido anthology. Visitors can discover for themselves why Hayashi truly deserves the title of a photographic “titan.”

Image: ©Tadahiko Hayashi Archives, On the Roof of the Nihon Gekijo Theatre, Ginza, 1947




Apr 01 2018 - Jul 31 2018


10:00 - 19:00



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Akasaka 9-7-3

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