Thomas Doyle Exhibition: “Hold Your Fire”

Evoking the anxiety of living in an era with constant disaster, including frequent wars, natural disasters, and the refugee crisis, Thomas Doyle’s miniature works express a timeless longing for the stability of a home, health and family among the themes of isolation, separation and crisis. The New York-based artist’s compelling miniature sculptures turn everyday life on its head. In one 2-meter high sculpture, characters come home to a house simultaneously sinking and floating away, reminiscent of a scene cut out from an anxious nightmare, all while metaphorically conveying a frightening reality for many. His other works, including multiple miniature scenes displayed under glass and macro photographs of miniature figures, will also be on display in his first solo exhibition in Japan. His works have been displayed in galleries around the world and made their appearance in The New York Times magazine, The New Yorker and other  publications.


Nov 23 2018 - Feb 13 2019


11:30 - 21:00



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