Thematic exhibition: Sakura, Sakura, Sakura 2018 — Flower Viewing at the Museum!

Soon enough, the parks and streets will be bursting with cherry blossoms, so why not enjoy them at the museum as well? This thematic exhibition combs through the Yamatane Museum of Art’s vast collection of nihonga (modern Japanese paintings) to offer an anthology of 20th and 21st century paintings that capture the evanescent blooms in all their transient glory. A variety of different cherry trees are depicted, and the delicate blossoms can be seen on their own, and in some cases painted with birds perched next to their branches. One of the nicest things about this exhibit is that the painted flowers will last longer than the ones outside.

Image: Senju Hiroshi, Cherry Blossoms in the Dark, color on paper, Heisei Period, 2001, Yamatane Museum of Art



Mar 10 2018 - May 06 2018


Closed Mondays
10:00 - 17:00


¥1,000 (adults)/¥800 (university & high school students)

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Yamatane Museum of Art
Hiroo 3-12-36, Shibuya-ku

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