The Second Stage at GG #51 – Masatoshi Tabuchi: “Choice”


The Guardian Garden presents Choice, the 51st exhibition in the “Second St Age at GG” series, by Masatoshi Tabuchi.

Masatoshi Tabuchi’s enlarged depiction of a striped shirt was selected as a finalist for the 11th Annual 1_WALL graphic competition. Since then, Tabuchi has been active as an illustrator, creating mainly book illustrations, package illustrations, and CD jackets.
This exhibition focuses on Tabuchi’s ongoing series of miniature depictions of everyday objects using blue colored pencils and paints. The illustrations, rendered in a single blue color, look precise from a distance, but there is still detail in the brushstrokes, and the viewer is reminded of the artist’s use of chance in creating his pictures.

Visitors with a fever over 37.5 degrees, cough, sore throat, or general malaise are kindly asked to refrain from coming to the gallery. Admission may be restricted in the event of a large number of visitors.

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