The Lineage of Modern Japanese Art


Following the Meiji restoration, the introduction of Western art had incredible influence over Japanese painting and, in turn, forced Japanese artists to redefine themselves and rebuild a stronger identity. In times of great uncertainty, the paintbrush paved the way for innovation, and, today, these traces remain unfazed. Offering approximately 40 works from the Meiji to the Showa period (1868-1989), this exhibition is an opportunity to see the works of key painters who marked their names in the history of modern Japanese art, all in one place.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the implementation of new measures has been necessary to ensure the wellbeing of everyone. To allow for the enjoyment of art and the safety of all, Kashima Arts will prepare free in-house digital catalogs of all exhibited works. Digital catalogs can be accessed on smartphones and computer devices, so customers may view works anywhere- such as in the pleasure and safety of their home. For first time customers, please email Kashima Arts ([email protected]) to register for this offer.

Image: Yokoyama Taikan, “Mt. Fuji in Spring”

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