The 28th Teddy Bear with Friends Convention

Teddy bear enthusiasts and “bear artists” from all over the country gather together for this annual convention organized by the Japan Teddy Bear Association. Thousands of handmade and custom bears (and other furry friends) will be on display and entered into various contests to win awards with categories designated by height, costume and animal. An auction and charity raffle is held to raise money for children’s hospices and disaster relief through the With Bear Fund.

While well-behaved children are welcome, visitors should note that this event is for those who take their teddy bears seriously – think less cuddling and more impeccable fur grooming and attention to detail. That being said, stuffed animal fans of all ages will be delighted by the incredible rare and unique bears on show as well as the warm and fuzzy feelings of the teddy bear-loving community.

Image: Norio NAKAYAMA via Flickr under CC

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Oct 24 2020 - Oct 25 2020


Open until 17:00 on July 7th
All of the day


Check Website for Details (Previously ¥1,000 for 2 days access)

More Info

Event Website


Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center TAITO-KAN
2-6-5 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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