Takahata Isao: A Legend in Japanese Animation

Takahata Isao’s career started in 1968 with The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun, a groundbreaking achievement in Japanese animation. In the 1970s, through titles like Heidi, Girl of the Alps (1974) and Anne of Green Gables (1979) hitting Japanese television, Takahata captured in perfect detail the monotony of the everyday lives of his characters and transforms them into fantastical adventures. In the 1980s, Jarinko Chie (1981), Gauche the Cellist (1982) and his adaptation of the book Grave of the Fireflies in 1988 saw Iaso exploring the theme of nature and telling the lives of the common folk in Post-War Japan. Jumping to 2013, came The Tale of Princess Kaguya, a film using digital animation to recreate the effects of watercolor and delicate brush strokes.

This exhibition explores his path from his first to last animation, the evolution in style and themes.


Jul 02 2019 - Oct 06 2019


Open until 21:00 on Fri & Sat
10:00 - 17:00


General admission ¥1,500 | University students ¥1,100 | High school students ¥600 | Middle school students and younger: Free

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National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo


National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo
Kitanomarukoen 3−1, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo

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