Sky Jamboree 2018

Sky Jamboree came about after a chance meeting between producer Katsuro Arimoto and Kemuri frontman and vocalist Fumio Ito. Their belief is that music brings everyone together — not a revolutionary concept per se, but they built on it: when everyone enjoys music together in one place, they create peace in the world. That’s where the festival’s annual theme,  “one pray in Nagasaki” comes in. By rocking out alongside friends and enemies, it’s a modern (and very rock’n’roll) way of creating world peace, even if it’s just one corner of Japan for one day of the year. Highlights include Kemuri, The Bawdies, Super Beaver, and Asian Kung-Fu Generation.


Aug 19 2018


10:00 - 20:30



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Inasayama Park


Inasayama Park
407-6 Fuchimachi, Nagasaki

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