Shinozaki Hiloshi: Journey is Right Behind You


From October 12 to 18, UltraSuperNew Gallery hosts a joint exhibition “Journey is Right Behind You” by painter Shinozaki Hiloshi, flower artist Mitsurin Tokyo, and two filmmakers Kazuma Kitada and Senzo Ueno.

The group of creators did their first collaboration in September during Hiloshi’s solo exhibition ‘Peace of Wall’ at Wakayama Bugus. Through the merging of genres, painters, filmmakers, and flower artists, inspired by each other’ s energies, succeeded in creating collaborative work.

“Today, when it’s difficult for people to share the same consciousness, touch each other, and live together – it is important for each one of us to think of someone or something while doing it as entertainment to one’ s self. We hope that we can share this notion and keep on evolving while keeping in mind the goal of always having fun,” says Shinozaki.

“Journey” is not just the distance one travels – in sharing time with someone and developing personal connections, can that not be called a journey as well? Through the exhibition, one can submerge themselves into the journey that the creators will navigate together.

In the age of Covid-19, this is not an exhibition one can simply walk into. Instead, it can be enjoyed outside through the windows of the gallery. Also, there will be a live painting by Shizonaki the gallery’s Instagram account on Friday, October 16. Don’t miss it!

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Event Details


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