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Ika Ryu – ‘The Second Seeing’


Guardian Garden, in Ginza, is pleased to present Ika Ryu’s solo exhibition The Second Seeing. Ryu’s work Big Brother Is Watching You won 1_WALL’s 21st photography Grand Prix. Through his immersive and intimate photographs, Ryu explores the true nature and workings of the world – neon-lit hotels, glowing sheep’s eyes, kindergarten buildings and the people of Inner Mongolia are but a sample of all his subject matter. Highlighting the disparity between, for example, the homogeneity of Japanese society and the theatricality of the world, he encourages us to ask if the world is a stage upon which other worlds are built. To this end, he will make use of the entire exhibition space as a stage for his work. Ryu will give a talk at Guardian Garden on September 2; buy tickets here.

To visit the exhibition, advance bookings are available August 4.

Image: Ika Ryu

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