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Russell Tyler at Koki Arts


Russell Tyler, a hard-edge painter who has been featured in the likes of The New York Times, Artforum and Hyperallergic, will be having a second solo exhibition at Koki Arts. Tyler’s most recent paintings, on top of their characteristic linear forms and playful, distinct regions of color, are inspired by the natural landscapes of his childhood. Interplays of natural and fluorescent color merge the physical and psychological. Reflections of light and geographic forms are abstracted into shapes. These paintings strike us as both scenes and sturdy three-dimensional objects. In addition to the Koki Arts solo exhibition (which will showcase nine new pieces), Tyler’s work will be featured in a group exhibition at Mitsukoshi Arts Gallery.

Photo: Russell Tyler, The Magenta Sky Glowed with Green, 2020

Exhibition dates are subject to change. Please wear a mask to and disinfect at the gallery, and please refrain from visiting if you are exhibiting symptoms such as fever and cough. 

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