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English Screening – ‘Zero as You Are’

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Sky (Takamasa) Kobayashi, now 24 years old, was the first student to be born female and enter junior high school as a boy. This, however, was but the beginning of his journey. In Zero as You Are, filmmaker Miyuki Tokoi follows Kobayashi for 9 years as he explores his identity. This journey leads him to meet the 92-year-old Miyuki Yashiro, who received sex reassignment surgery at 78, and Jun Nakajima, who is devoted to establish social recognition of non-binary gender identity. By detailing their experiences, Tokoi steers attention to the way Japanese society treats difference, often rejecting and ignoring it. She asks, Is there anywhere in the world where those who are different can live without fear of rejection?

A screening of Zero as You Are with English subtitles will take place on August 1 at Uplink Shibuya. After the screening will be a talk by Tokoi and documentary filmmaker Ian Thomas Ash.

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