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  • Pieces of Dreams Exhibition by Dennis Sun
June 21, 2021
remembering spring

Pieces of Dreams Exhibition by Dennis Sun

09:00–17:00・Jun 27, 2021–Jul 09, 2021・Kouyama Garden 3-1-21 Koyama, Nerima-ku

Enter the whimsical mindscape of Tokyo-based visual artist Dennis Sun. Curiously dreamlike and vibrant, Sun’s works ruminate on footprints of childhood memory. One moment, it’s a red-nosed clown with a star-studded hat and a crescent moon for its mouth. The next, it’s a violent frenzy of anthropomorphic figures with their uncanny stares. There’s somewhat a muted sense of déjà vu and confusion as you stare into his works — a camaraderie between a child and their imaginary friends relived. For the Filipino artist, art is a vehicle for internal monologue and self-discovery. In his upcoming Pieces of Dreams exhibition, the sunny creatures stalk, sit and merry around the canvas, making it a trippy stroll down memory lane.

Image: Remembering Spring © Dennis Sun

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