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  • Nirohito Ishii: The Garden of Garando
June 23, 2021
garden of garando
11:00–19:30 (Exhibition, performance and workshop schedule varies)・Jul 25, 2021–Aug 01, 2021・Gallery Shell102 2-29-10 Kichijoji Minamicho, Musashino

World-famous butoh dancer Nirohito Ishii explores the concept of life, death and the passage of time in his collaborative spatial installation-cum-performance The Garden of Garando. A transgressive performance art, butoh means “the dance of utter darkness” and involves the following: bare stage, shaven-headed dancers and raw, obscure choreography. Ishii’s butoh style, however, skews from the original. 300 blood-red roses suspend from the ceiling to mirror the ephemeral nature of living things. Petals pool on the stage as the masked cast convulses and collapses on top — a blatant visual of decay. Every night, different musicians and dancers give their interpretations of the brutal and borderline unsettling sensibilities of the butoh. In addition to an art exhibition, artist and drag queen Vivienne Sato will hold a workshop on headdress.

Installation Exhibition:  Jul 25–27, Jul 29–Aug 1 (11am–5pm)
Performance: Jul 25–Aug 1 (6:45pm–7:30pm)
Workshop: Jul 28 (10:30am–4pm)

Reservations required at [email protected]

Event Details

  • Date:

    Jul 25, 2021–Aug 01, 2021
  • Time:

    11:00–19:30 (Exhibition, performance and workshop schedule varies)
  • Price:

    Exhibition: ¥500 | Performance: ¥3,000 (subsequent tickets: ¥1,000) | Workshop: ¥10,000
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  • Location:

    Gallery Shell102
    2-29-10 Kichijoji Minamicho, Musashino