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  • Nerd Nite Tokyo : Stayin’ Alive – Live on YouTube
April 21, 2020

Nerd Nite Tokyo : Stayin’ Alive – Live on YouTube

20:00–23:00・Jan 15, 2021–Jan 15, 2021・Online

Nerd Nite gathers three smart speakers and a curious crowd for a night of entertaining and mind-expanding facts and fun. Due to ongoing social social distancing measures the nerds continue to keep things online their first event of the new year. This time the lineup features fascinating talks about the untold story of “the last samurai’s” death-poem, the battle of the biological sexes and a throwback talk on the most exciting near-disasters in space science. From the birds and bees to the lessons learnt from near miss space catastrophes, get your drinks ready, tune in, and stimulate your brain with something completely different.

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    Jan 15, 2021–Jan 15, 2021
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    ¥ 1000 Suggested Donation (Free Viewing Available)
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