Nagasaki Ikedoki Online Virtual Tea Tour & Monitor Tour – Nov 21


From the fields to the tea processing factories to the cup, Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea tours take you on an adventure around some of Nagasaki’s most lush tea farms. For those already living in and around Nagasaki, Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea tours are hosting two monitor tea tours where you can experience all Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea tours have to offer in person.

As it’s still difficult to travel to Japan at this time, Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea tours also brought the tea fields of Japan to you in their new, free virtual tours.

The virtual tours will take place on October 17 and November 28. The monitor tours take place on November 14 and November 21. The virtual tours will last two hours and be hosted on Zoom. The monitor tours will take place in person in Nagasaki.

For those interested in learning more about these events, please click the link here.

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