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  • Midtown Art Palette at Tokyo Midtown
July 8, 2021
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– (Holidays and closing time varies)・Jul 16, 2021–Sep 17, 2021・Tokyo Midtown 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku

Expect everything cool and edgy at Tokyo Midtown, where digital art collides with summer to-do essentials. The Midtown Art Palette is lined with an array of museums, art scenes and great food. As its center event, the Digital Art Garden is an outdoor space that allows city dwellers to unwind on a wooden veranda. Light and mist dance around in enthralling motifs, mesmerizing you with their surreal performance as you cool down. The Mid Park Art Lounge is another outdoor space with greenery and colorful art lanterns. Scattered across the area, you can look for the five “AR art fireworks” and access this sophisticated digital hanabi through your phone. As you stroll along the green lounge, you can hop on to different restaurants and cafes that also offer art-themed meals.

Another homage to the theme, special exhibitions such as Hokusai Tsukushi and the 60th-anniversary exhibition of the Suntory Museum of Art Zawatsuku Japanese Art will be held. In addition to that, colorful wall art by artist Ellie Omiya and animal sculptures by Motoka Watanabe will be displayed across the Tokyo Midtown Gallerie.

Event rundown:

– Digital Art Garden of Light and Fog: Jul 16th–Sep 5 (Fog production from 15:00-22:00 & digital fireworks production from 18:00–22:00)
– Midpark Art Lounge: Jul 16–Sep 5
– 260th Anniversary Special Exhibition Hokusai Tsukushi: Jul 22–Sep 17
– Mt. Fuji photo exhibition at Fujifilm Square: Jul 21–Aug 19
– Suntory Museum of Art 60th Anniversary Exhibition Unsettling Japanese Art: Jul 14–Aug 29
– Summer Art Zoo: Jul 16–Sep 5

Kindly visit the website for more details and information on each event.

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  • Date:

    Jul 16, 2021–Sep 17, 2021
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    – (Holidays and closing time varies)
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    Some exhibitions and spaces require ticket purhcase
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    Tokyo Midtown
    9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku