Media Ambition Tokyo 2021

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Now in its ninth year, Media Ambition Tokyo (MAT) is a “tech culture” exposition showcasing artists who work at the crossroads of art and technology. Using the newly reopened Roppongi Hills observatory “Tokyo City View” as the main venue, and the online venue eMAT, artists like Shun Onozawa, who made a monumental and “enhanced” version of Newton’s Cradles; Akira Wakita, who studies the relationship of “holy” structures and patterns of light reflection and refraction; and Mayuka Otsuki, who, in her piece Nether World, explored the possibilities of experiencing others’ brains through virtual reality technologies. You can also check out the MAT permanent gallery in Daikanyama.

See the live schedule here, and a list of venues here.

Image: Qosmo x Sansan DSOC, The Essence of Serendipity

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