Lida Sherafatmand in Shibuya Station

This Iranian-born artist dissects with these pictorial works how national identity is built by the cherry-picking of existing characteristics. A total of three paintings, including “Iran’s Soul,” provide commentary on issues of international concern. Sherafatmand has coined the artistic concept of “Florescencism” and brings it to Japan by showing the essence of a flower that transcends its mere physical appearance.

“If I can pass on knowledge through symbolism and beauty of flowers, I am happy to be speaking to my audience with the gentle language of flowers, because my eyes have seen enough of violence,” says Sherafatmand. “Florescencism is a philosophy of flowering based on human nature, with a floral language in painting. It is my humble contribution both to the artistic world, and to the field of international relations.”



Mar 05 2019 - Mar 11 2019


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Shibuya Station

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