The Lagerphones 4th Japan Tour

The Melbourne-based, six-piece ensemble The Lagerphones, whose party jazz sound pays homage to everything from traditional jazz to rock to Dixieland, returns to Japan for a 15-date tour of mostly free shows.

The Aussies, who are supporting their new album ATARA-CD, have built an enthusiastic following in Japan, return for their fourth tour in less than as many years. For the first time they will perform shows in Kyoto and Osaka in addition to Tokyo.

Ahead of the tour, the band took time to answer a few questions.

All shows are ​free​ except where marked with *

Sep 14 (Fri): Citan Hostel with DJ Chabe (Bakurocho, Tokyo)
Sep 16 (Sun): Davide Coffee Stop (Iriya, Tokyo)
Sep 17 (Mon): Nokutica (Mizonokuchi, Kanagawa)
Sep 19 (Wed): Senkiya (Kawaguchi, Saitama)
Sep 20 (Thu): Little Nap Coffee Roasters, (Yoyogi-Uehara Tokyo)*

Sep 21 (Fri): Kinse Ryokan Inn (Tambaguchi, Kyoto)
Sep 22 (Sat): Len Hostel (Kawaramachi, Kyoto)
Sep 23 (Sun): Truck Furniture (Shimizu, Osaka)
Sep 24 (Mon): Chidori Bunka (Kita-Kagaya, Osaka)
Sep 25 (Tue): Urbanguild (Sanjo Kyoto)*

Sep 27 (Thu): Shaichiro Aiba’s Book Launch at Life Son (Sangubashi, Tokyo)
Sep 28 (Fri): Coffee Lawn (Yotsuya Tokyo)
Sep 29 (Sat): Tokyo Coffee Festival
Sep 30 (Sun): Tokyo Coffee Festival
Sep 30 (Sun): Nui Hostel (Kuramae, Tokyo)


Sep 14 2018 - Sep 30 2018


Free (except where noted)

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