“Kotsu-Kotsu” Drama Reading Performances at NNTT

This event is part of an ongoing project by the New National Theatre Tokyo, which develops different plays throughout an entire year. The process begins with reading performances, followed by regular sessions, with a “kotsu-kotsu” (“step-by-step”) long-term goal in mind, involving ongoing dialogue and communication between creators, the artistic director and the theatre staff to further polish the work before finally presenting it. The intention of the whole project is to “provide space and time for creators to experiment with what could not be achieved in the usual rehearsal period of one month: create, discard everything and create again.”

For this event, the reading performances will include three different plays, namely “Richard III”, “Bubbling and Boiling”, and “A Spanish Play”.

All performances will be in Japanese.

More info and tickets at www.nntt.jac.go.jp/english


Mar 13 2019 - Mar 17 2019



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