Kotaro Yamada: “Blind Faith”


Yamada’s first solo exhibition works with motifs and themes of “faceless” figures and “blind” faith” were inspired by the gods of various religions around the world. The sculptures of masked gods in the series of ceramic and bronze works express the artist’s unique religious and life views.

The gods and heroes of the world differ from person to person. People often judge people in their daily lives by their faces. If the faces of those who believe in them are hidden and faceless, what will people use to judge them and what will they believe? The artist asks, “What does the viewer think when he or she sees his or her own reflection in the sculpture, with the face mirrored in the work? What does the viewer think about when he or she overlaps his or her own face with the sculpture?”

In addition to the “FACELESS” and “EIKON” series works, which will be exhibited for the first time, the artist also created sculptures using ceramic, crystal and other materials. The artist’s first relief work “PUZZLED KIDS” and a collaboration work with graphic designer GUCCIMAZE and sculptor Guehang Shin will be shown at the exhibition. “ME” will also be available in limited quantities.

Event Details

Event Details


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