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  • Kosuke Kawamura: “Try Something Better”
November 12, 2021

Kosuke Kawamura: “Try Something Better”

12:00–19:00 ((Wed–Sun))・Nov 20, 2021–Dec 19, 2021・Gallery Common

Born in 1979 in Hiroshima, Kawamura moved to Tokyo after graduating high school and immediately became involved in the city’s creative community. Initially a graphic designer, Kawamura became active as an exhibiting artist in the early 2000s, holding shows throughout Japan and overseas in conjunction with his collaborative and design work. Since then, his distinctive collage-based style has become well known both within the Harajuku scene and abroad thanks to his prolific collaborations with Adidas, G-shock, Uniqlo, Gundam, Evangelion, Akira, and more.

The artworks featured in this exhibition were created largely through manual, hands-on methods such as cutting, shredding and pasting to emphasize the three-dimensionality and uniqueness of the works, a purposeful contrast to the digital reproducibility he emphasizes in his collaboration or commission works. The analog methods give the works a sculptural aspect, inviting the viewer to become aware of the physicality of the work and the exhibition space.

The constantly evolving nature of Kawamura’s artistic process aligns with the cyclical nature of fashion and graphic design, which remain the roots of his inspiration; however, Kawamura’s ability to maintain his identity and relevance throughout these fluctuations is evidence of his strength not just as a designer and collaborator but as an artist. Flexibly traversing between the past and present, analog and digital, Kawamura’s works emphasize his sense of “live performance” that mirrors the ever-evolving culture of Harajuku.

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    Nov 20, 2021–Dec 19, 2021
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    12:00–19:00 ((Wed–Sun))
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    Gallery Common