Kiyose Sunflower Festival 2018

As a city known for its sunflowers, it’s only fitting that Kiyose hold the 2018 Summer Sunflower Festival. Approximately 100,000 flowers burst from 24,000 square meters of farmland, creating an eruption of yellow. Sunflower seeds, butter and other products will be sold at the venue along with fresh vegetables harvested in the Kiyose area. They will also hold the annual Sunflower Photographic Contest for budding photographers.

How to get there: From the North Exit of Kiyose Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, take the Seibu Bus bound for “Shiki Station South Exit” (Bus stop No. 2, Kiyo 61 Line). Get off at “Green Town Kiyoto” Bus Stop, and walk for about 6 minutes. On Saturday and Sunday there is a free shuttle bus.


Aug 18 2018 - Aug 28 2018



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Kiyose Sunflower Festival
3 Shimokiyoto, Kiyose

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