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  • Kiyomaru Togo x Betcover!! Live Performance
June 30, 2021
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Kiyomaru Togo x Betcover!! Live Performance

19:15–・Sep 03, 2021–Sep 03, 2021・Tsutaya O-nest Shibuya-ku, Maruyamachō, 2-3, O-WEST Building

When we’ve all embraced boredom and put on a fresh set of Quarantine 15, no doing is doing at-home hustle like Kiyomaru Togo. The Japanese singer-slash-songwriter has been churning out his creative juice to produce music for commercial, film and theatrical projects. He’s what you call an all-around artist. From solo guitar, duo gigs to a full band of ten people, Togo seamlessly shapes the mood of his song to whatever is needed. Joining his upcoming live performance will be Betcover!!, whose more hardened musical style won him the respect of many amateur artists and youths alike. His music is dark (he labels himself a weirdo) but soulful. It’s a mix of dreamy lo-fi and African-American beats. The two-men live show will be opened by DJ Videotapemusic, who known to sample cassettes and make music using field recordings. Sometimes his mix is mellow, while other times it’s upbeat — just the perfect mix to stage the right atmosphere for this performance.

The performance will be held at half of the capacity venue as a preventive measure against Covid-19 and in response to the government guidelines.

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