Keiichi Tahara: Photosynthesis with Min Tanaka

Keiichi Tahara traveled to France when he was 20. Struck by the unique intensity of the light there, Tahara was inspired to remain in the country, where his career as a photographer would flourish. He met the avant-garde dancer Min Tanaka in Paris, and the two collaborated on a project that was inspired by the idea of photographing Tanaka in environments rural and modern, throughout the seasons, and in several different countries, but always drawing attention to the unique qualities of each location’s light. The photographs went unseen for decades, but in 2016, Tanaka and Tahara (who passed away earlier this year), decided to revisit the project and started shooting photos in the series again.

Image: ‘New York-1’ (1978) | © KEIICHI TAHARA


Sep 09 2017 - Dec 24 2017


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