Junsai Harvesting Experience in Akita

Ever heard of junsai? It’s a kind of perennial water plant that looks a little like a lotus plant, and boasts edible buds. From May until August, visitors to Mitane town in Akita can experience a unique aspect of Japanese culture — junsai harvesting. Those daring enough to try can slowly pull their way through a 60cm-deep pond in a small, box-shaped boat to pick the junsai buds one by one — almost like going on a treasure hunt. Known as the emeralds of the water, these bright green, slightly slimy buds are a delicious and nutritious fare, high in polyphenols. Akita is one of the few places still cultivating this delicacy as it needs pure and clean water to survive and thrive. With more than 200 junsai ponds, Mitane produces the most of this emerald rarity in the nation.

More info at www.akitafan.com. To book an experience or request more detailed information, call the Junsai Information Center on 0185-88-8855.


May 01 2017 - Aug 31 2017


Adults ¥1,800, kids ¥1,000

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