The Journey to Europa by Kloka

Take a journey into outer space and visit one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. Europa is one of Jupiter’s most intriguing moons, and Space Museum TenQ is inviting you to discover what lies beneath its icy shell. Learn about the moon and its features before you take a trip underwater and encounter the fantastical life forms that could exist in the depths. You can also experience “Europa future city,” an imagined world 100 years from now where people are living happily in space. The exhibition is presented by design studio Kloka who are well known for their magical window displays and installations, and have created their own interpretation of Europa, bursting with colorful creativity. In addition, a series of limited themed goods and accessories will be available during the exhibition period.


Mar 09 2017 - Jun 28 2017


11:00 - 21:00


Adults ¥1,800, high school students & university students ¥1,500, over 65s & children ¥1,200

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Space Museum TeNQ
1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku

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