Ishiyama Hiromasa no Kai, 6th edition

Ishiyama Shachu is the oldest Kagura company of the Kanto region, tracing back its origin to the mid-Edo period. Its tradition has been passed on for 400 years and through 10 masters, and has been recently designated as Intangible Cultural Propriety by the Japanese government. Its 10th master, Hiromasa, has produced the events “Miyabi-Sōten no Kai”, “Kagura Saiken”, “Nigimitama” and “Ishiyama Hiromasa no Kai”. He works as a flute teacher at many cultural centers, performs at the Kabukiza theatre and at the National Theatre of Japan, has toured in the USA and has appeared on a NHK Taiga Drama and on numerous commercials. He has also released many CDs, such as “Fue no Kisetsu”, “Wa wo motte”, and DVDs such as “Sōten no Ki”, “Ishiyama Hiromasa no Kai”. As the oldest Kagura company in the Kanto region, Ishiyama Shachū has been praised for its mastery in every aspect of Japanese traditional performing arts, acting, music, costumes, wooden masks, and its plays are considered the most advanced and modern in its genre. Come see them perform at a special event at Shibuya Cultural Center Owada’s Densho Hall.

If you’d like to buy tickets in advance, reservations are accepted in Japanese at 03-3844-2141.


Mar 31 2018


18:00 - 20:30


Pre bought tickets: ¥4,500, tickets bought on the day: ¥4,800, Travelers and students: ¥2,500, parent and child together: ¥2,500

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Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, Densho Hall
Sakuragaoka-cho 23-21

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