Iro-e: Japan CUTE!

Iro-e is a ceramics technique that features the application of multicolored overglazed enamel patterns, and it flourished in Japan during the Edo period. There were a number of different styles of this technique: Kokutani replicated the forms and patterns of kimono on pottery; the design-oriented Kakiemon style gained world popularity, attracting the attention of Western royalty and nobility; and the Nabeshima style combined strong, bold colors with a Japanese design sense. This exhibit collects many pieces of iro-e ceramics, including pots, plates, and incense burners; collectively, the pieces represent an important facet of Japanese art history and are an early example of the country’s influence on world visual culture.

Image: Dish with Design of Lotus Leaf and Geometric Pattern, Overglaze Enamels, Ko-Kutani Style, Japan, Middle 17th Century, Idemitsu Museum of Arts



Jan 12 2018 - Mar 25 2018


Until 19:00 on Fridays
10:00 - 17:00


¥1,000 (Adults)/¥700 (University and high school students)

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Idemitsu Museum of Arts
Marunouchi 3-1-1, Chiyoda-ku

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