Ikegami Honmonji Setsubun Festivities

Wish for good luck and banish evil spirits in a Setsubun ritual with some added strength!  Ikegami Honmonji holds a special place in the hearts of Japanese wrestling fans as the final resting ground of the legendary Rikidozan, a man who is widely regarded as ‘the Father of puroresu‘ (Japanese professional Wrestling).  Over the years this has led to a continued tradition of pro-wrestlers, both active and retired, and wrestling fans participating in the mamemaki bean throwing at the Ota-ku temple. Among the guests scheduled to be throwing out lucky beans to the crowd will be some of the biggest names in Japanese wrestling in addition to other sports personalities, actors and local figures.



Feb 03 2019


The mamemaki takes place from 15:00
13:00 - 18:00



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Ikegami Honmonji
1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku

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