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  • Hiro Kimura: Hero1 Photo Exhibition
June 9, 2021
hiro kimura photo

Hiro Kimura: Hero1 Photo Exhibition

10:00–20:00 (Jun 8: 10:00–17:30)・Jun 08, 2021–Jun 13, 2021・

Fascinated by the intimate bond between a photographer and their subject, Hiro Kimura left his career as a stylist to forge a path in photography and film. His latest exhibition Hero1 will be the first out of the two series to showcase 88 monochrome portraits of men. Known to have a style that is best described as edgy and modern, Kimura still succeeds in unveiling a certain sensibility from the photos.

This exhibition is a charity project, and all proceeds will be donated to the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Foundation.

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