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  • Hiki Fes 2021 at Tokyo Dome
July 7, 2021
hiki fes 2021

Hiki Fes 2021 at Tokyo Dome

14:30–・Aug 01, 2021–Aug 01, 2021・Online

Live Nation Japan is proud to announce that it’s bringing “Hiki Fes 2021” to the worldwide audience through a special live stream via Veeps. Produced by Japanese utaite singer and songwriter Mafumafu, Hiki Fes was first held at Saitama Super Arena in 2017, and has only grown since then. The online festival will bring more fan-favorite uitaite vocalists (vocal cover singers) to the global spotlight this year, packing the stage with performances from popular anime and game songs.

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    Aug 01, 2021–Aug 01, 2021
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    General admission roughly ¥2,200
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