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  • Hibiya Blossom Garden
April 12, 2021
11:00–21:00・Mar 26, 2021–Apr 18, 2021・Hibiya Step Plaza 1-4 Yurakucho, Chiyoga-ku

Visit a vibrant garden abundant with flowers and 3-D art at Hibiya Step Square. Relax on a bench surrounded by an exhibition of brightly colored flowers and celebrate the beginning of spring. In the evening, illuminations will shine out every 10 minutes and a special surprise can be found in the center of the square. Flower designers Koji Arai and Chiaki Hoyamatsu say it best:

“After a harsh winter, a wonderful spring will arrive. I believe the meaning of spring is even greater now because of this era with all of its uncertainties. Spring is the season when tree buds burst and flowers bloom with overflowing energy. I want to project this strength of plants regardless of the frames made by humans. Perhaps the spring will arrive to everyone who sees our work.”


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