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June 14, 2021
Gravitated NewYork

Gravitated: New York Exhibition

– (Opening hours vary)・Jun 10, 2021–Jun 30, 2021・The Aoyama Grand Hotel 2-14-4 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku

The eclectic creations of Yayoi Kusama, Jackie Saccoccio, Claudia Peña Salinas and Hiba Schahbaz expand across a multitude of artistic genres. Kusuma’s avant-garde works pave the road for post-modernism. Saccocio’s deliberate randomness and gestural abstraction, too, branches into new expressionism, while Mexican artist Salina’s creative direction are stenciled by the indigenous and mythological elements of Mexico. Pakistani-born Schahbaz depicts female bodies with self-portraiture. Their paths greatly diverge, but at some point, they have all set foot on the same concrete street of New York City. By chance or the inevitable, their stark lives were once loosely interconnected and will overlap once again in the upmarket Aoyama district. The Club’s upcoming pop-up exhibition Gravitated: New York showcases works by four female artists, all of whom have reclaimed women’s position in the male-dominated art world

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