Flower Garden 2018

Since Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse’s re-opening in 2007, it has held the “Flower Garden” event annually, with the theme changing every year.

This Year’s Theme

This year’s theme gets its inspiration from unadulterated nature — wildflowers. Visitors can enter this floral world via a flower arch at the entrance, which leads to four different gardens:

The Wildflower Garden has a colorful palette of dozens of different meadow flowers. The Sky Blue Garden, close to the blue of the ocean, represents the skies with blue nemophila flowers, and special violas will bring up images of soft white clouds in their midst. The Scented Garden invites visitors to stroll among the fragrant lavender, rosemary, and other wonderful herbs. Finally, the Vegetable Garden will inspire with rows upon rows of delicious-looking vegetables and edible plants.

The area will be illuminated every night from 6pm until midnight.

Visitors who come on the final day of the event will receive some of the remaining flowers as a thank you gift.


This time, for the first time, there won’t just be flowers to view, but also a cafe and bar that opened in Tokyo last year, Hanabar will have a pop up store. Here you can enjoy food and drink garnished with edible flowers, and a spring-inspired menu. Dried flower decorations will also be on sale.

Hanabar opening hours: 11:30am-5pm on weekdays, 11am-7pm on weekends


Mar 31 2018 - Apr 22 2018


All of the day



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