A Fantastic World of Illustrations

It is said that the history of illustrations starts with the history of books. In this exhibition, which is subtitled “Enjoy a Blissful Harmony Between Letters and Pictures,” a variety of rare and fascinating Edo period (17th to mid-19th century) and Ming and Qing dynasty (late 14th to early 20th century) illustrations from commentaries, records, stories, and other documents are displayed.

Image credit: [KANKAI IBUN], 15 volumes, Gentaku Ootsuki Edition, Late Edo period (19th century) Hand-written book 6 volumes 26.2×18.0㎝ Collection of SEIKADO BUNKO 

Unauthorized reproduction of images prohibited.


Apr 15 2017 - May 28 2017


Closed Mondays
10:00 - 16:30



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Seikado Bunko Art Museum
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