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  • Exhibition – Mountains Carrying Suns
February 11, 2021
Zhu Jinshi Thick Mountains Thick Water Blum & Poe Tokyo

Exhibition – Mountains Carrying Suns

– (Reservation times vary)・Feb 20, 2021–Mar 19, 2021・Blum & Poe 1-14-34 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

Blum & Poe presents a group exhibition of 12 artists from China, Japan and Korea. The eclectic title comes from Zhu Jinshi’s painting, which serves as a sort of conceptual starting point for the exhibition. Zhu’s pasty, tactile use of oil paint is influenced by his years as a Beijing factory worker during the Cultural Revolution, as well as his interest in the art movement Mono-ha. In fact, Mono-ha’s emphasis on the material properties of art would come to drive the careers of several East Asian artists and theorists, from Lee Ufan to younger generations like Yukie Ishikawa. As you navigate the exhibition, there emerges a network of cross-cultural relationships across East Asia.

The exhibition is on view at Blum & Poe Gallery from February 20 to March 19; and at South South Veza OVR from February 24 to March 7. Reservations at Blum & Poe can be made here.

Image: Zhu Jinshi, Thick Mountains, Thick Water, 2020 © Zhu Jinshi

Information may unexpectedly change, so please check the event’s website before venturing out. Stay safe and informed with our latest Covid-19 news.

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