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  • Erica Ward Solo Exhibition
June 10, 2021
erica ward solo exhibition for TW Creatives

Erica Ward Solo Exhibition

13:00–17:00・Jun 19, 2021–Jun 20, 2021・Atelier 485 Tokyo 4-8-5 Shibamata, Katsushika-shi

The works of Californian artist Erica Ward can be described as an exquisite merging of sublime surrealism and pop aesthetics. With a stark contrast between the crisp ink outlines and delicate watercolor strokes, the paintings breathe into dreamlike imageries of Tokyo. At best, the meticulous assemblage of urban and nature makes her art borderline spellbinding: trains and apartment blocks perching from the folds of greeneries, and road signs peering from hydrangeas. The mood of modern-day Japan blush in the presence of these unusual arrangements. Her latest solo exhibition will display a selection of her past and most recent works inspired by the metropolis.

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