Enjoy Haneda Shrine Summer Festival with Volunteer Guides

Haneda Shrine’s summer matsuri boasts 14 portable shrines and over 3,000 people pitching in to carry them around the neighborhood.

Make the most out of this festive event by joining a free tour led by local volunteer guides. You’ll find them inside a tent next to Anamori Inari Shrine. You can also borrow happi coats and koi-kuchi shirts for that perfect portable shrine-carrying shot.

Languages available: English, Chinese

Maximum Number of Participants: 20 people (first-com, first-serve basis)

Registration: Register online in advance via the event website or email (otacitytourguide.haneda@gmail.com), or on the day between 2-2:30pm. (Tour starts at 2:30pm)

Image: Manuel Ascanio / Shutterstock.com 


Jul 27 2018


14:30 - 16:30



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Anamori Inari Shrine
5-2-7 Haneda, Ota-ku

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