The Enduring Gracefulness of Noh – Traditional Performing Art Exhibition

Art, Dance, Music

Keio Plaza is hosting a traditional performing arts exhibition in collaboration with the National Noh Theatre. The exhibition is based upon the “Tale of the Heike” historical epic poetry that portrays the battle between the Heike and the Minamoto clans for the control of Japan and the rise and fall of the Taira Family (Heike). In addition, traditional Noh masks, costumes and other artistic props are on display.

Complimentary shortened performances of Noh programs will be held in the hotel lobby on October 15 and October 28 by Tsunao Yamai of the Komparu School of Noh, who will also provide a lecture on the art of Noh.

For further details on dates, please refer to the website. 

Event Details

  • Date:

    Sep. 27, 2019 - Nov. 27, 2019

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    Event Website

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    Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo


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