Edo Cat Cafe

The people of Edo had a strong relationship with cats, and it’s time to rekindle that love, with an alternate universe where cats rule the capital!

For a limited time, savvy street cats will rule the roost in an Edo-inspired environment just outside Ryogoku Station. In an attempt to increase awareness of the large number of abandoned cats, this cat cafe creates a fun and safe (kitty residents have a daily health check) environment to learn about the issue. A portion of the earnings will be donated to organisations creating projects to help prevent cats being abandoned. Many of the purrfect partners at the cafe are rescues on the lookout for new homes. (Foster parent applications are accepted, but conditions apply. An interview as well as an examination of the potential foster parent’s home will be conducted. Please ask on-site staff for more details.)

There are fives zones in this Edo-themed cat cafe: the cat tea shop, the cat red light district, the cat sento, the cat row house, and the cat plaza. Each one brings for some serious Edo-style flair, enhanced by kitty-only doorways, stairs, and highways up in the air. Visitors are free to take photos of the fabulous felines in this old Edo paradise, but please make sure to turn your camera flash off to avoid stressing them out.

There will, of course, be cat-inspired merchandise for sale on site.

Please note:

*It is not permitted to yell, or speak loudly, chase, or cuddle cats.

*If you are allergic to cats, please do not enter the venue.

*Please do not bring children who are under elementary-school age.

*Flash photography is not permitted.

*Do not bring food or other pets to the venue.




Jun 15 2018 - Aug 31 2018


11:00 - 20:00


¥1,500 (1 hour),time extension ¥500 (20 mins)

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JR Ryogoku Station Event Space
3-18-7 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku

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