Edendordorado: Resonance of Paradise

This is the first-ever major exhibition in Japan showcasing the works of the twin artist duo Hamadaraka. The exhibition features an as-yet unseen new installation, comprised of some 30 paintings and a floating sculpture, depicting a paradise inhabited by fauna and flora that have been awakened by the vibrations of the 434Hz frequency.

Twins Eru Arizono and Emu Arizono have created artworks and designs for magazines, fashion brands, movies and wall paintings and they have participated in exhibitions and artist-in-resident programs within and outside of Japan.

An artist talk will be held October 27 from 6–7pm with guest artists Keiji Ito and Kosuke Kawamura.

Image: Baldordorado © HAMADARAKA



Aug 31 2018 - Nov 15 2018


11:30 - 21:00



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Diesel Art Gallery


Diesel Art Gallery
1-23-16 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku

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