ECO EDO Nihonbashi 2019

Tokyo might be blazing forward as a modern city, setting trends for the rest of the world, but the ECO EDO Nihonbashi project will let you take a short trip to a simpler time. Head over to Nihonbashi  to spend an evening experiencing traditional art integrated into the cityscape. Visitors can pick out their favorite yukata for special bonuses and benefits in the area.

Have a special night with the festival’s famous Minamohanabi, where state-of the art technology digitally reflects fireworks across the area’s ponds. Along with the bursting sounds of fireworks, about 200 traditional wind chimes will dot the area’s pathways.

Other water-themed pieces of art will also appear. The Nihonbashi Art Aquarium will line the streets of Naka-dori with giant goldfish lanterns, leading the way to Fukutoku Shrine.  The campaign organizers are looking to develop attractions for all five senses, so keep a look out for new vendors and announcements as the summer goes by.


Jul 05 2019 - Sep 23 2019



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